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Altitude Internet Case Study
Eazy Collect helps Altitude Internet scale up with seamless direct debit collections

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Eazy Collect helps Altitude Internet scale up with seamless direct debit collections

Client Profile

Altitude Internet is a digital marketing agency, specialising in search engine optimisation and pay per click services for businesses across the UK and Ireland. As an award-winning Premier Google Partner, they help clients get the best results from their website. When Altitude opened for business in 2014, they signed their first client in week one. Within six months, they celebrated their 1,000th order.

Being appointed as a Google Partner means they are trusted as one of the top performing agencies in their field. It’s essential to ensure all clients receive a great experience right through from service set-up to the reporting and customer service, underpinned by Altitude’s back-office operations.

The Challenge - Collect payments with a seamless customer set-up experience

As a start-up with plans to expand quickly, Altitude set out to make their client experience great from the beginning. That’s why when Altitude began looking for a direct debit services and payment processing provider, they sought a partner who could integrate seamlessly with their customer relationship management system. They needed an easy to use, automated process that didn’t require much interaction from their clients.

Customer Success Manager, Daniel Colby, explains “When our clients get started, they receive a series of steps for signing up online for our services. The last thing we wanted to do was ask them to jump through the additional hoop of signing up for payment on a third-party website. We wanted a payment process that was simple to administer and easy for us to control. It needed to be on-brand and easy for our staff to use.”

The Solution - Reduced administration burden and stress-free credit control

Altitude Internet discovered Eazy Collect and was impressed straight away with the response to their enquiry and the simplicity of the cloud system set-up. Aside from the ability to seamlessly integrate Eazy Collect into their user interface and billing process, Altitude Internet felt confident moving forward with Eazy Collect for one main reason; they felt the relationship worked more like a partnership than a service provider.

Altitude staff have scripts to follow when signing up new customers, and because Eazy Collect is integrated with their own system, it’s simple for them to use.

“All the administration for direct debits is handled by two of our people, saving cost on admin. We don’t want our sales team bogged down, having to explain our payment system. And we never worry about money coming in, thanks to the reporting.”

Eazy Collect offers clear and transparent reporting with bank-grade data security and customer service support. Eazy Collect’s direct debit service is hosted on a secure web platform for 24/7 access. With reports showing direct debit exceptions, disbursements, cancellation and payments received, Altitude Internet finds credit control easy to manage. Their staff can focus on where clients most need them.

The Impact - Customer retention and ability to scale with no increase in back-office staff

Partnered with Eazy Collect since starting up, Altitude Internet says that Eazy Collect has been a necessity for the success of their business. Trusting Eazy Collect with direct debit collections supports positive cash flow – critical for any business wanting to scale up.

Altitude Internet enjoys positive customer retention thanks to the simple direct debit service. Daniel explains, “Relying on clients to transfer a payment or send you a cheque every month can sometimes get in the way of providing our service. Automated payments with Eazy Collect helps the lifecycle of our customers, because we can focus on adding value.”

Altitude Internet continues to grow their client base without much additional administration work for their finance operations staff.

“We have been able to scale to taking hundreds of payments every month with fewer back-office staff. Credit control and bank reconciliations are easy with the system. We quickly spot habitual bad payers, and our team can soon resolve it.”

“We view Eazy Collect as our payment partner, really a part of our own business. It’s very important for the team to have confidence that payments will be collected, even when the system isn’t visible to them. They have a really slick, professional operation and we are happy to be working with them.”

We’ve been really happy with the service from Eazy Collect right from the start. There’s a lot involved in getting our clients set up on our system and we wanted to be in charge of the whole process. The last thing we wanted, was to ask our clients to jump an additional hurdle of signing up for a payment account on a third-party website. We needed a slick, professional and cost-effective direct debit service; Eazy Collect has given us just that. Even more, we have been able to scale our business with little increase in back-office staff.
Dan Colby Altitude Internet