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Golf Credit Case Study
How Golf Credit tripled their business by integrating their CRM with Eazy Collect

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How Golf Credit tripled their business by integrating their CRM with Eazy Collect

Client Profile

Ray Davis originally founded Golf Credit to help golf clubs collect fees from their members on a monthly basis instead of annual membership payments. Prior to the UK finance industry changes, their credit agreement operated in a similar way to a credit card, without intervention at the annual renewal date.

Since the Financial Conduct Authority regulations changed, it’s become a challenge for membership organisations to compliantly manage credit agreements for members. Golf Credit takes away the stress and hassle of collecting membership dues on behalf of clubs; their direct debit services are underpinned by Eazy Collect’s cloud based system. It’s a win-win because the golf clubs can retain more members and benefit from providing the payment services.

The Challenge - Administrative burden of manual processes threatens growth

In the beginning, Ray was operating a manual, time-consuming business model with everything on paper. Ray was referred to Eazy Collect by a friend who suggested they could help him automate more of his business.

Collecting monthly subscriptions works well for the members’ cashflow and building loyalty to the club, but it creates extra administration when payments are missed or fail. Additionally, Golf Credit’s service had to be secure, handling personal data and grouping collections from multiple individual accounts back to the right club.

"I gave them a call and they told me about their product. They gave me confidence in it; I saw how well it could fit and that's how we started. The clubs I worked with were happy to use a direct debit facility which Eazy Collect provided. And we knew exactly who had paid."

With his goal to expand without incurring additional admin costs, Ray decided to invest in tailored Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software for the business. Because Eazy Collect was such a critical part of his client services, Ray needed the API integration to link up the new CRM with Eazy Collect’s management information reporting.

The Solution - Process automation achieves seamless online user experience and clear reporting

Ray partnered with Smart IT to upgrade his CRM who worked together with Eazy Collect to integrate the systems. With Eazy Collect providing a master Service User Number (SUN) for Golf Credit, each golf club has a secure, separate sub-account where their members can easily recognise Golf Credit branding on the payments. Golf Credit can provide online sign-up facilities for each club, seamlessly integrated from the web to the CRM and Eazy Collect. Having the group structure in place reduces the administration for all parties: it enables individual members to sign up online once the Golf Club Secretary adapts their process.

Ray's service includes following up arrears and payment cancellations; a vital aspect of Golf Credit client services to support growing golf clubs. Eazy Collect reports provide the information which the golf clubs need - payments received, cancellations and arrears; and these have saved Ray time and money for managing the reconciliations. He says, "I don’t need to be sifting through statements all day. Thanks to the reporting, it’s clear where we need to follow up and it happens less frequently. It makes my job easier with the website being so user-friendly and uncomplicated for the clubs - as well as secure and compliant for GDPR."

Ray shares that the entire CRM build and integration process was completed in under two weeks. "The whole process happened very swiftly. They went from strength to strength; Eazy Collect did a perfect job and made it a smooth transition for my business."

The Impact - Customer base triples based on their ability to scale without additional admin

Ray is pleased that his investment in integrating the software systems is paying off. From 2016 to 2018, Ray has tripled the number of golf clubs served and has more time to deal with their needs.

Ray states, "With this system, I’ve been able to extend the number of golf courses and continue to manage the whole business. It has saved me on manpower cost. Now I’m at the next stage of hiring help to take over the office work, so I can focus solely on my clients - the golf club secretaries - and they make referrals to me."

Automating the process has been beneficial to the experience of golf club members, which is appealing to the clubs. "Members can sign up very easily and access it quickly. I like to think of it as booking an airline ticket; everyone is so accustomed to going online for everything these days, it was a huge step in the right direction for my business."

Ray says that the best part about working with Eazy Collect is their reliability. "If I ask for something, nothing is too much trouble for them. They are straightforward to deal with and I can 100% rely on them. My business has grown at a pace that wouldn't be possible without them."

It’s been a massive transformation. Eazy Collect were on the same page with what I was trying to do and effectively, they’ve invested in my business. We are now in a position where we have an automated system and there’s less administration now than when I only had nine clubs to look after. The growth of my business wouldn’t have been possible without them and their system. Eazy Collect have over delivered again and again for my business. They continue to help with everything I need.
Ray Davis Golf Credit