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PayPoint Case Study
Expanding PayPoint's payment services

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PayPoint expands Payment Services

Client Profile - PayPoint makes payments convenient

In thousands of retail locations, at home and on the move, PayPoint makes life more convenient for everyone. They help millions of people to control their household finances, make essential payments and access in-store services, like parcel collections and drop-offs. Their UK network of 28,000 stores is bigger than all banks, supermarkets and Post Offices together, putting PayPoint at the heart of communities nationwide.

For retailers, they offer innovative and time-saving technology that empowers convenience retailers to improve business efficiency, achieve higher footfall and increased spend to grow their businesses profitably. PayPoint One, their innovative retail services platform, is live in over 13,000 stores in the UK and offers everything a modern convenience store needs, from parcels and contactless card payments to EPoS and bill payment services.

PayPoint helps over 500 consumer service providers to save time and money while making it easier for their customers to pay – via any channel and on any device. For clients of all sizes, they provide cutting-edge payments technologies without the need for capital investment.

The Challenge - Bespoke direct debit software was not an option

PayPoint wanted to offer a MultiPay product for their clients who manage a large number of transactions every day. To deliver it, they needed a flexible platform where their client's customers could make payments choosing from multiple payment options.

Given its popularity with UK consumers, direct debit was an important payment choice that was missing, but they faced several initial challenges: Where would they start? How would they build out this system and guarantee it was secure? How long would the development for this platform take?

PayPoint soon realised the fastest and most cost productive route would be to find an expert third party to support the integration of direct debits into their MultiPay service. By sourcing a white-label product, PayPoint would be able to finalise their strategic aims of providing a flexible range of payment options to support their clients payment collection requirements.


The Solution - Swift integration to bring direct debits into MultiPay platform

To get the process started, PayPoint went out to tender and found Eazy Collect, who presented their direct debit solution to PayPoint's chief executive and senior management teams.

"We saw great potential value when they presented it. We realised Eazy Collect had a great platform which would give us a lot of flexibility." shares Mark Anderson, PayPoint Multipay Product Manager.

Aiming to get MultiPay to market as soon as possible, PayPoint and Eazy Collect worked swiftly together to develop and set up fulfilment for the direct debit payment option for PayPoint’s clients.

"It was very quick between scoping all the specification details for the product and Eazy Collect delivering the direct debit applications to us. Eazy Collect also tested the capacity to 1 million transactions per day to ensure it met our estimated transaction volumes. They soon created the white label version, which we were able to take to market wholly with our branding. We didn't want our clients to see a third party provider."

Once the domain was set up, Mark says he was pleased to see how smoothly the entire process ran.The initial training for the PayPoint client services team has included live training days, webinars and on-call support. Mark is happy to offer PayPoint's clients a service that is the most flexible direct debit platform available in the market today.

"Administration-wise, we feel it is managed closely between us and Eazy Collect, and we can offer greater support which enables us to onboard clients more quickly. Eazy Collect gives us the option to provide our clients with much more functionality, tools and flexible reporting than other direct debit platforms. Setting up the typical range of reports is straightforward. And then depending on what the client needs, we can create bespoke reports for them. The secure, scalable and flexible direct debit platform fully hit the mark."

The Impact - White label product delivered in under six months

To integrate their cloud-based direct debit software to the existing CRM system, TUMIS, Eazy Collect worked directly with the BALPA’s developers and remained on call for any issues BALPA faced throughout the development, testing and transition phases.

"Dave from Eazy Collect was very instrumental in taking us all through this..." shares Julie Rutley, BALPA Finance Manager and Treasurer, "With a new process, things inevitably do go wrong. Eazy Collect is always easy to get hold of and it’s never been too much trouble. Even though we were creating an electronic way of doing things, it was good to talk to real people."

The Impact - Seamless solution = collection success 99.85% on time

PayPoint is delighted to offer direct debit as part of their seamlessly integrated multichannel payments solution, MultiPay, making it a one-stop shop for customer payments. Mark shares that since partnering with Eazy Collect, they've had a top-notch customer experience and looks forward to growing together.

"This was an opportunity to break into new markets, with direct debit as an option. It expands our portfolio of services. We've fully become an omnichannel digital payment provider. Eazy Collect is very responsive and very understanding. The speed in which we took this to market was the quickest part of it, taking less than six months. If we had tried to do it ourselves, it would've been a long process. Eazy Collect allows us to set up our clients with direct debit services within days."

Since implementing Eazy Collect’s direct debit software into their business, PayPoint has won new business and is excited to onboard their future clients who will clearly benefit from the power of offering direct debit as a proven recurring payment method.