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Synergy Case Study
Partnering with Eazy Collect has had a major impact on our business.

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Global Contact Centre relies on Eazy Collect

Client Profile

Synergy International Contact Centre Ltd. manages syndicated lottery products for their international clients in the European and British market. Their service model is built to ensure people can enjoy gaming with easy to use software management at a price where their risk is limited, and their statistical odds of winning are higher than entering single play lotteries.

Based in Durban, South Africa, Synergy helps companies in a range of industries to extend their outbound client services operations by offering outsourcing of their highly trained customer advisers. Their aim is to change valuable data into profit by providing their clients with the necessary talent and tools to grow their business. Synergy takes a unique approach to value-based selling utilising specific dialling strategies to control outbound sales campaigns. To ensure they could collect direct debits from their UK clients for subscription services, Synergy needed a back-end process hub to manage the payment collections.

The Challenge - A need for a reliable direct debit collection company and more

In Synergy’s early days, the subscription house relied on a company that claimed to be proficient at uploading and collecting payments. But regular errors with files and coding had a dramatic effect on Synergy’s ability to collect direct debits successfully. So much so that they were losing up to 75% of sales. Another challenge was the number of different system interfaces Synergy was using. Their developers had built several bespoke APIs to meet the varying requirements of their business. Although well performing and fit for purpose, they were operating independently, each with their own admin and maintenance burden.

“They were the most efficient at explaining how things work and what we would need to do. After a process of due diligence, we were confident about getting them on board.”

Requirement for seamless and secure payments

One of Ripe’s core values is transparency – so policyholders know exactly what they’re getting. Having reliable technology is a big part of that, enabling them to take direct debit payments on time every time.

Before committing to using Eazy Collect’s direct debit collection system, the team at Ripe undertook an extensive review to establish whether the company would meet their high standards and be a safe, reliable and long-term fit.

“Data security is paramount to us, and as part of the review process, our CTO and the development team looked at all aspects of Eazy Collect’s data handling, storage, transmission, back ups and encryption. Our financial controller took a detailed look at the process of building the API, any potential risks, and how Eazy Collect would deal with failed direct debit payments and other potential stress points. We also needed to know that Eazy Collect would meet all the regulatory requirements for direct debit services, due diligence and have the capacity to adapt to regulatory changes. They ticked all the boxes at all stages, including the user testing period.”

The Solution - Reliable monthly collections and streamlined APIs

It was critical for Synergy to find a reliable company to handle direct debit payments which sustain their business cashflow.

 “We were looking for a process house in the UK that was reputable, and Eazy Collect were one of several that we contacted,” explains Natalie Whitlie, one of Synergy’s Account Directors. “They were the most efficient at explaining how things work and what we would need to do. After a process of due diligence, we were confident about getting them on board.

Well-equipped to handle Synergy’s monthly direct debit collections and disbursements, the team at Eazy Collect also had a solution for streamlining the company’s various software and management information interfaces.

As Natalie says, “Dave and his development team wrote a blueprint for our business on how to connect our various APIs, instead of using a number of ad-hoc interfaces. This was planned to integrate with our own CRM software and, importantly, give us the customised reports about payments, disbursements and customer profiles that we needed.”

The Impact - Dependable technology driving Synergy’s business forward

Synergy now has dedicated APIs that are fully integrated with Eazy Collect’s system and currently collect approximately 10,000 direct debit payments per month.

The team at Synergy make extensive use of the system reports, customising them to different areas of their business. Natalie explains, “Eazy Collect’s back office system is exceptional. We can log in and see live indemnities; we can see where refunds are coming from; we have all the details of failed payments we need. Everyone has password protected access at the right level for their role. With several new client partnerships in the pipeline, Synergy are committed to using Eazy Collect wherever direct debit collections are needed as part of growing the business. Eazy Collect’s rates are competitive, and their response turnaround times are excellent. They have a respectful culture with staff who are always prepared to go the extra mile. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend their professional services.”