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Secure Direct Debit Processing

Diamond Standard Security

High Availability and Bank-grade Security
Processing hundreds of payments each month can take its toll on your admin staff and if you're not processing your payments smart enough, can have a profound effect on your cashflow. If you invoice your customers regularly, then using direct debit is the only sensible solution. You can choose whether to link our direct debit service into your billing system using our unique 2-way API or use ours right out of the box.

With today's ever-changing electronic world and more sophisticated criminal organisations keen on using sensitive data for fraud purposes, keeping up with technology is a very serious challenge. As a result, Eazy Collect endorses a security policy with no short-cuts and no exceptions when it comes to the safety of our customer data and resilience of our systems. With massive investment over the past two years in our I.T. infrastructure, Linux platform and secure hosting at ISO 27001 Financial Services Level Three, Eazy Collect are well positioned to handle the payment processing needs of any business or organisation.

Research conducted by our I.T. and security analyst found that several of our competitors don't place the same priority on the serious risk of sensitive data loss and with our recent investment this has become a significant competitive advantage for Eazy Collect.

Eazy Collect's Eazy Customer Manager DD application is hosted at two off-site data centres with fail-over disaster recovery suite 24/7 for maximum business continuity and peace of mind protection for our clients.