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Direct Debit Solutions To Collect Payments Like Clockwork

Direct Debits provide you with a reliable, professional and secure method of collecting regular payments from your customers.

Much Improved Cash-flow and Cost Reduction

Much Improved Cash-flow and Cost Reduction

Payment issues can be spotted immediately and resolved quickly

No prohibitive setup fees and expensive software cost

Reduced Administration

Reduced Administration

Eliminate overheads and a variety of laborious tasks

Simplify your invoicing and reporting



Simple to alter payment amounts

Offer more attactive payment terms

Direct Debit Guarantee and Security

Direct Debit Guarantee and Security

Professional, improves your business credibility

Safeguards your customers

There are eight ways to set up direct debits:

  • Paperless over the Telephone - suitable for telephone call centres for instant setup
  • Paper Mandate Forms - for Direct Debit set up on face-to-face or postal sales
  • Online - Ideal for a web based sales process, particularly for collecting recurring payments and more reliable than processing payments via credit card.
  • Via a Mobile App - perfect for face-to-face sale, field sales teams or if you're out of the office
  • Via tablet devices either using the App or the web portal.
  • Through your website via a form (either hosted by us or using your own web form)
  • Using your own CRM/billing systems linked to us via our Direct Debit API.
  • By using a file upload direct from your own systems

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It's Easy to Move to Direct Debit

Now is the time to see if another payment solution is better for your business. Whether you require a fully outsourced Bureau solution or still prefer to manage Direct Debits in-house while using our submission software instead, Eazy Collect can help.

Until fairly recently, a Direct Debit solution was not viable for the majority of businesses due to the lengthy and costly accreditation process, but that has changed and many businesses are now benefiting from using our solution without the red tape and protracted set up process.  As a BACS Approved Bureau, Eazy Collect can work in partnership with you to act as your payment processor.

Using the Eazy Collect low-cost Direct Debit service for your business is so simple, you could be accepting payments within a week.

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